Wintex has existed since 1950 and both the models of that time and the ones of today have one thing in common: originality. In fact, the latest collections are a clear example of how important it has been to embrace the changes and latest trends in fashion while staying true to our roots.


Supported by an impeccable quality standard and an unbeatable creativity, Wintex watches remain an accessory sought by the most sophisticated and demanding people. Thanks to work carried out in full respect of both tradition and innovation, Wintex has earned a seriousness and credibility appreciated by the entire market. We also provide outstanding quality support, every watch is repairable and guaranteed for 2 years.


Wintex created a new genre of watches: its models move from the traditional mechanical expertise to the great field of design. Its collections follow major brands clichés, with the aim not to imitate but to ironically interpret them. Colored watch bands, golden metals and new materials are inspirationally combined with traditional shapes. Wintex watches de-emphasize (in their cost as well) the cult of luxury watches, and they open new sceneries made of amusement and originality.